It Only Happens Once.

Random question — what was the difference — if there was one — before your timeline “first kiss” and your *first kiss.*? You know what I mean. Temporally, mine was when I was 12, but the one that was everything came… it’d have to be the summer of 2001; I’d have had to be 16, because I was driving this person home not late in the night or anything, and I pulled up to their house, with every intention of just saying “good night,” “see you tomorrow,” or similar pablum.

Instead, this person got out, stood for a second, sat back in the passenger seat (this is the U.S., loves — driver’s side is on the left 😽), closed the door, looked at me and told me “I think I’m in love with you.” I fucked it up royally in the time to come, but for a few seconds, time stopped and the universe existed only at that moment, then, somewhere in northern Illinois between an awkward boy and a precocious person whom he’d loved since he met this person. That moment was something you never forget.

~ by Benji on August 16, 2019.

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