A Calling or a Hobby?

My entire life, my thought has been organized around the basic principle — assumption — that material reality fundamentally is knowable. Given the time, instruments, work, and imagination, the basic nature of what constitutes everything we experience, from our morning coffee to our office affair to our heroin addiction can be explained, analyzed rationally, and, if needed, diagnosed and treated, but always with the underlying understanding that everything can be explained.

What if that’s not the case? What if the correct answer to an unthought-of question isn’t just “I don’t know,” but also “I don’t know why” and “I don’t know how?” What happens, aside from the shattering of physics, chemistry, ontology, metaphysics — practically everything but art (which brackets or completely ignores what we consider a ‘reality principle?’) What if even subatomically, what and who we are operates on a level we don’t know and — most importantly — *can’t know?* If the nature of reality is inaccessible to us not because we haven’t developed proper tools (physical, ideospherical or philosophical) but because reality’s warp and weft, so to speak, is inaccessible to us?

If particle physics’ basic assumption that the world is there and it can be known isn’t the case? To adopt the famous phrasing, if not do we not know what we don’t know, but can’t know what we don’t know?

Jettisoning that seemingly basic assumption leaves us grasping in the dark for meaning that has always been assumed, but may not have ever been. To quote the balladeer of apocalypse, the Talking Heads, “home — is where I want to be / but I guess I’m already there.”

To abuse a phrase, there might not be any there, there.

~ by Benji on February 13, 2019.

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