A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall.

The day is coming soon when to be anti-LGBTQ, anti-gender equality, anti-racial equality, ableism, ageism — any approach to the world that does not recognize the equality of all living things on the basis of their inherent characteristics, rather than the accidents of physical presentation — will be universally recognized with disgust and deserved ostracism. Not to support ostracism as a means of bullying, by any means, but if my Sioux-Mongolian non binary agricultural scientist significant other doesn’t deserve recognition equal to your Nantucket red Yale financier SAE, you’re automatically excluded from all tomorrow’s parties, with a “go fuck yourself” short snort. And by “all tomorrow’s parties,” I don’t mean Hamptons excursions — I mean influence and power (the same, in contemporary fuckonomics).

The wave coming isn’t the one Trumpistas are onanistic about.

~ by Benji on September 7, 2018.

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