Just For Fun

I take a detour.
Among husks bold and acute,
I seek the answer.

Many a prophet came before,
Preaching heaven to the high minded.

I want none of that,
Just a blanket of starlight and gauze,
Wrapped around an immortal truth.

The time for that is long past;
You cannot redeem spent time,
The red task is heavier than Heraclitus’ ask.
“Symposium” is a play of riddles,
Plato the inept magician.

I read elegies of those who fell
In far lands whose syllables unwillingly
Grace the tongue and palate.
Learning to pronounce “r”may be hardest.

A caterpillar creeps along the waxy skin;
It does not know it will become a butterfly —
A jumble of colors and light,
A hurricane of blues and oranges,
Destined only for capture and enshrinement.



~ by Benji on May 26, 2018.

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