Awash in Kittehs of Unknown Origin

I had a strange and painful dream yesterday, in which I let Ariel (my belovèd cat, if you were unaware of that) out the front door for a spell (on the advice of a dream-reason dream-vet), and lost him. A knocking at the door brought to my attention a glowing Midwest summer day, temp around 27° or so, and a woman in a sleeveless knee-length florally-patterned dress holding a leash restraining a cat, collared but remarkably similarly resembling Ari — continental patches of grey and white, yellow eyes you’d know would gleam in the dark, their mirror reflecting their ignorance of The Dark. But it wasn’t my little dumpling. I was set to coach a U-18 football match a few hours hence of a great local girls’ team versus a boys’ team; the match was actually FIFA-sponsored with hardware on the line — even in my dream, I wondered “what the hell is this competition?” yet I correctly called a handball and we were up 9:2 at the half. Meanwhile, my father was searching ardently for my cat, in a neighborhood suddenly overcome by stray cats closely resembling Ariel (who is very much alive and well, passed out on his bed about 3m from me, thank you), before I woke up. None of them were Ariel. I felt abandoned. Dreamland is an odd place.


~ by Benji on 6 March 2018.

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