Congress Minus Trump Could Equal… Legislation?

One solution to the “Trump problem” I’ve not heard almost nothing of would be decisively flipping the tables on him, effectively seizing back the reins of power in DC, making him largely a figurehead — legislative rule. Why hasn’t the idea of Sens. McConnell & Schumer, Reps. Ryan & Pelosi getting together & hashing out some form of compromise by which they could stitch together two-thirds majorities in both houses to override any Trump veto? It’s becoming ever clearer that Trump’s brand is almost as toxic as the water he’s content to leave Puerto Ricans to drink, i.e. there’s more to lose for Congressional Republicans in supporting Trump than to gain. From a purely cynical political stance, making Trump a party pariah may just be the only chance the GOP has to maintain congressional control.

Floating this as a possibility to minimize Trump’s dangerous impact on American policy, not to endorse it — I shudder at the prospect of a McConnell-Schumer-Ryan-Pelosi quadrumvirate, but it seems to be the least bad of present options.

~ by Benji on October 17, 2017.

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