No. 3

Time, time, there is always time —

Until, of course, there is no time.

Flat, hyperbolic, elliptical;

Two of three applicable to whatever today is “fitness.”

Yet this is spacetime…

Four squirrels and a chipmunk fighting.

Nuts of a mundane variety on a paint-chipped deck,

An October afternoon of no consequence,

Watching rodents eat things,

Pondering the timing of Lag B’Omer.


The universe expands forever or contracts;

A spot of nothing on a towel of nothing —

Better to be Omar or Littlefinger;

Smell the tide before it changes.


Yes, the ice smells great out here;

You should give it a chance,

Frozen and forgotten, just like song;

Play it again for me, will you?

~ by Benji on October 10, 2016.

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