Supporting the Trans Community

For non-trans individuals like myself, it’s often difficult to know how best to support the trans community. When it comes to the LGBTQ acronym, I’m part of it — the “G,” though I have many friends in the “L,” “B,” “T,” and presumably “Q” part. I try to respect each and every person and their sexual orientation, but I often fear that my comments or actions toward the “Ts” is unfair. I want to treat each person with the respect due them, regardless of their orientation. They are who they are and the person that is is wonderful and excellent as is; I just to want to make sure I am the best ally I can be, and would love to hear from transpeople how I can do better. I try my best as is, but I know I can be a better ally. As a gay man, I know how important it is to have allies of a different orientation; I want to support my trans friends as best as I can. Please let me know how to do that better.

~ by Benji on March 9, 2016.

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