This is why I Feel the Bern

In 2004, I supported Sen./Sec. John Kerry. I was one of three at my school who backed Kerry in New Hampshire, and I spent countless hours knocking on doors at 21:00 in -10° weather, calling people whose last interest was hearing from me, licking stamps, giving speeches… and you know what? We won. We fucking won. John Kerry won the New Hampshire primary and won the state in the general. …We know how it went overall, but I did my damn job.

In 2008, I supported some random guy from Illinois, from Hawai’i, father born in Kenya, someone no one had heard of. Eight years later, he’s the sitting President of the United States. I supported him again in 2012. In 2008 and 2012, I supported Pres. Obama because I knew he would win. I respect Sen. McCain and (grudgingly) like Gov. Romney, but — let’s be honest — neither had a chance of winning. I supported Pres. Obama because I wanted to cast a vote for the first African-American president of the United States, and gorramit, I did — not once, twice, thrice, but five times. I voted for Senator Obama and for President Obama.

But times change. There’s a gap between that which candidate Obama, candidate McGovern, candidate RFK pledge and that which they deliver. Now, can every candidate follow through on that which she or he promises? No. Yet can they make a good faith effort to do so? Yes. I look at Sec. Clinton and I see a woman who’s damn capable of taking the reins of this nation and guiding it… …straight into the hands of the Kochs, Waltons and Murdochs. Sen./Sec. Clinton is a brilliant woman, one whom I admire and worthy of admiration, without question. Is she the right person to lead this nation?

Well, that’s the real question, and my answer is no. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is that person. I stand for Medicare F0r All, for access to public education, for limitations on gun access, for equal pay for equal work, for paid medical leave, for an end to militarized foreign policy, for a commitment to 350 ppm and climate control, for LGBT equality, for women’s equality. These are not tough things; they’re common sense. I stand with Bernie because Bernie stands for me.

~ by Benji on January 31, 2016.

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