Cat Thoughts

He’s been a part of my life for fewer than two years, yet I can’t imagine a day without him. In no way does — or could — his presence fill the absence left by his predecessor’s passing. Each animal that I’ve had the privilege of welcoming into the weird world that constitutes my life claims her or his special place, leaves an indelible mark. Ariel is a performance artist, an exhibitionist. When his internal clock tells him that it’s time to fix his human wriggling on the eyeteeth of his unwavering gaze, thus must it be. I can be fixing a sandwich in the late afternoon or watching some Daria and listening to Sonic Youth at 03:00; it doesn’t matter. As soon as those golden luminous orbs fix themselves on my face, his breath becomes slow and ragged, and the first plaintive querying “maow?’s” start heading my way, the rest is preordained. A scratching of the chin and behind the ears, a quick rub of the upper chest, likely a bat or two of clawless paws, eyes bottomless satin pools pulling you ever further toward a secret you can never reach.

He will tire at some point, release you to your Twitter or your Arsenal match, free to escape those infinite pools for now. You are not released — merely given the temporary permission to surface.

~ by Benji on January 19, 2016.

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