A Slit, a Pool

Fancy a glimpse of the Infinite?

—Of course you do. You, like me, are mortal.

And what is more mortal than a wish not to be?

One day, perhaps sooner, perhaps later,

We return to the dust from which we arose.

But not to be gloomy!

We live in a world where cars drive themselves.

Yet no product from companies A or G

Can touch what I see, here, alone in my room.

A cat’s eye can cut you or absorb you —

A razor you do not understand,

A pool into which you will fall,

Yet never reach its vital depths.

It may be gold, green or blue, but fear not! —

Your gaze will be returned without pity,

Cold in the January wind one moment,

And a sweet late spring day the next.


~ by Benji on January 3, 2016.

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