Congratulations, Brett

Normally, I’d be somewhat down following a Packers loss. …to the Bears. …at Lambeau Field. …coming off a loss to Detroit at Lambeau Field, but I couldn’t be sad Thursday night. While I love Aaron Rodgers heart and soul, believe he’s a sure-fire Hall of Famer and we’ll be celebrating a similar night for him ten, fifteen, twenty years from now, this night was about number four. I was eight years old when my cousin, the great Tim Krumrie, knocked then-Packers QB Don Majkowski out and ushered in the Brett Favre era.

Brett was my childhood, my adolescence. Each time he’d drop back on third-and-twelve, Pack down four, a minute on the clock and he’d somehow find Antonio or Robert for the first down, then Ahman or Donald or Bubba for the winner, a Jenga block in my sports memory was put in place. The fourth-and-26 didn’t topple the tower, and those last three years couldn’t either. Brett is part of what it means to be 20-40 and a Packers fan. There are so many games I can remember, stat lines I can quote number by number about his time in Green Bay; the ups, the downs, the drama, the unquestionable strength it took to go out there, injury report be damned.

I remember the Monday Night game against the Vikings in particular — and I’m not sure why this particular game stands out so clearly in my memory. I was in middle school, had decorated my room with a pathetic plastic Christmas tree and as many lights as I could muster, had been playing Final Fantasy VII (just recounting what I remember y’all), and Favre threw that Hail Mary to Freeman that bounced off like six of his pads before Al Michaels astonishedly said “He did what?!?

Favre bleeds green and gold; his Jets and Minnesota sins are forgiven just as Michael’s Wizards’ and White Sox’s bizarreness is forgiven. Brett is a Packer always; welcome home, and may every team in the league be jealous of the Starr-Favre-Rodgers legacy. None can match this.


~ by Benji on 28 November 2015.

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