Rhetoric Against Muslims

this isn’t likely to be popular, but I need to write it, and write it before something happens (as I fear is not far away). I’m not concerned with its popularity, but with the lives potentially affected. We have a lot of serious issues regarding people of colour in this country; I can’t speak to all of them. I’m not a politician (nor wish to be). But one huge fucking problem is regarding Muslims. They’re no different than anyone else; they ride the same trains, they buy their groceries at the same fucking store you do; they get their Viagra or Cialis at the same fucking pharmacist that you do. The only difference is in whether you pray to Allah or to God? It’s a matter of names; you’re bowing to the same fictional deity. But in America, to be Muslim means you’re automatically a terrorist. No questions, no inquiries into background, employment; you’re just a fucking terrorist.

This has to end. I hope the next president talks about the targeting of Muslims/people of Arab/Persian/Indian/Pakistani/Afghani descent (and so many others) and says “Never again.” And then asks the Congress to pass legislation to protect Muslim Americans and their families. A Muslim is every bit a part of America as a Christian. Or a Jew. Or a Hindu, a Pagan, a Buddhist.


~ by Benji on 16 October 2015.

2 Responses to “Rhetoric Against Muslims”

  1. Earnest question: do Muslims say ‘amen’?

    Amen, anyway!


    • as “amen” is merely Latin for “so be it,” I imagine any Latin-speaking Muslim wishing to express that sentiment would be willing to express “amen.”


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