On “Swearing”

I’ve written on Facebook about this, but wanted to give it a better hearing in a longer form, if you’ll permit me that. I drop probably about 75 f-bombs per day, and I’m not sorry about that. I’m going to be blatant: it’s because I fucking want to. There are things I won’t say, like goddamn someone, because that goes against a person’s religious tradition. But shit? That’s something (the healthy ones) do every day; does it really make a difference if you “poop” or “shit”? Plus “I don’t give a poop” just doesn’t have the same cachet as “I don’t give a shit.”

The same applies to “fuck,” the most versatile word in the English language. I’m sure plenty of you fuck every day, and I’m totally cool with that, provided it’s safe. Yet fuck is treated as a taboo word in the American lexicon, despite the fact that most of us do it regularly? Why? There’s no logical reason why “shit” and “fuck” shouldn’t be accepted into regular usage. Same with “ass.” We all have one, however we refer to it. “I’m wiping my ass” is no different than “I’m wiping my butt,” is it?

~ by Benji on October 15, 2015.

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