After T.S. Eliot

(But not worthy of him)

You imagine the poet, composed and able

Sitting at his breakfast table and you wonder

Does he like salt on his eggs,

Or should they linger?

A muffin on the breakfast table?

A currant in the sun, or dear,

should they run?

Should they run and play,

In finest Kensington’s sunshine day;

Of spring’s finest delight,

A day of spring and night?

You don’t have to answer.

There are answers, yes

But they are quiet.

Be still, and they will come. They will come.

~ by Benji on 10 October 2015.

One Response to “After T.S. Eliot”

  1. A currant (or a raisin) in the sun… Perhaps answers don’t come on a spring morning, though.

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