A Man Walks Into a Bar…

I just walked into a bar — a restaurant-cum-bar — alone for the first or maybe second, I don’t know times in my life. Greenfire on Riverside, if you’re familiar with Rockford, you’ll know what that means, just to order a beer —one beer, just one, as I can’t afford more, yet nothing is simple. The bartender was very nice; cute, too! Yet we started talking about beer, aftertastes, subnotes; it was supposed to happen in Fort Greene. I, personally, like a mild grapefruit afternote on a hoppy IPA, but evolved into a conversation with one of the girls cashing out for the evening. She’d just had her first wedding anniversary, on Wednesday of last week. I told her I was in town for the wedding of a high school friend, sipping my beer telling her I’m a medical student in Seattle, that my boyfriend and I were getting married next year at Anderson Gardens. It was an expensive beer too: almost $10 all said and done. But no one questioned the story.

I have no boyfriend in Seattle. I am not a medical student (not for an M.D., yet), I have no friend getting married in Rockford, and am certainly not getting married soon.

~ by Benji on October 8, 2015.

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