Final Fantasy VII Remake

Yes, I’m late to this; as I explained recently in a different context, I get to cultural artifacts in my own time, which is inevitably late. So Square/Enix is remaking FFVII, as revealed at this year’s E3:

Can the PS4 do a lot cooler things than 1997’s PS? Well, yeah. Of course. For me, at least, as I was twelve when FFVII was released, being by then already a seasoned veteran of Final Fantasy, the PSOne VII was my childhood in nuce. That game and FFVI (my favorite and the best game ever yet made IMO) I spent way too much time on in my early adolescence. FFVII was an icon in its time, and despite Cloud’s hands being cubes, remains so. That story (parts of which to this day, I don’t fully follow) was complete at its end, and “One Winged Angel” is rightfully regarded as one of Uematsu’s greatest works:

The aftermath with Midgar green again was a perfect coda; full stop. To remake a classic is bound to fall flat; I understand why Square/Enix is doing it, but beyond the massive failure of FFXI, this could be that company’s greatest mistake. The core group of Final Fantasy enthusiasts (like myself) is in its 30s and nostalgia, in this case, extends to the original FFVII, and new FF fans have no emotional attachment to earlier titles in the series. I, for one, still will cry when Aeris is murdered. That moment changed video game history. It is not replicable.

Postscript: “Dancing Mad” is Uematsu’s crowning achievement IMHO: 

~ by Benji on September 3, 2015.

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