My Donald Trump Impression

“Now, I’ve been talking with some very important people in Washington, New York, Moscow, Beijing — no, I’m not going to say their names, but we’re talking major players on the international stage. Major. These are people with influence, who could buy half this country if they wanted to. I know, since I’m one of them. I’ve golfed with them, had margaritas and had ceviche at a on a private island of one of theirs in Manila Bay. And these people — important people, well-connected and rich — very rich, and you can trust me that I know what it means to be very rich — tell me that they’re very concerned about the United States. They’re concerned about this boneheaded Iran deal, about our lessening influence on international affairs, but especially on this talk of so-called inequality. Look, I made myself a billionaire; I didn’t need the federal government telling me how to make my money. I went out there and did it. These people whining about declining wages and the cost of education don’t seem to realize they live in the greatest nation in this planet’s 6,000 year history! They can take their complaints and stick it — well, you know where.

Now these leaders from those cities I mentioned — influential people; we’re talking politics, business, media, anyone who matters. They’re afraid the U.S. is headed toward instability, that the illegals, these protests, the gays are going to undermine our status as the world’s economic source of stability. This president has just aided and abetted the decline of America. He is a joke and I’m going to replace him and make America great again.”

~ by Benji on August 9, 2015.

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