My Cat is Amazing

If you follow me on Instagram (and please do — it’s free! My account), you already know that I’m obsessed with my (ridiculously adorable and photogenic kitteh), but he consistently amazes me. This morning, I spent probably about the better part of a half hour looking into his eyes and noting how meticulously, thoroughly and diligently he grooms himself (and me, if I let him; I’m reticent to do so, as I lost skin the first time he really applied that sandpaper tongue). He does this about six or seven times per day, usually about twenty minutes each time; as an indoor cat, I’m not sure what exactly he’s trying to clean, but I’ve long since learned that cat logic is not to be questioned. (Or understood). He goes over in detail and extent every centimeter of his body (and that body is extensive: “chubby” might be understatement) and then again. Were he a human, I’d hire him as a copy editor on the spot. And then, on finishing to his satisfaction, he promptly passes out and is dead to the world. I wish I could work or sleep with such determination.

~ by Benji on August 9, 2015.

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