It’s a Mistake to Call Me an Atheist

I’ve tried to explain my particular theological views in the past, but was told today that I would be unfit to serve as a hospital chaplain because “You don’t believe in God.” That’s not exactly true. It’s partly true and partly untrue, and I’m honest enough to admit that the two don’t add up to a whole.

I don’t believe in the god of Christianity. I don’t believe in Allah, YHWY, Zeus, Ahura-Mazda et al. I don’t believe in one particular deity. I believe — and research has shown — that the texts certain sects of individuals believe to be divinely-inspired are the works of common (and imaginative) human beings, just like us. What I believe is that spirituality and religion are separate; that one can exercise spirituality and spiritual practices without resorting to a particular deity or deities. I suppose one could describe me as an agnostic, as I don’t think humans have the capacity to comprehend what, by definition, is beyond human comprehension. We can and will never know the nature of a potential deity/deities.

But that itself does not eliminate the concept of a deity, or a deistic principle. No, I don’t accept the notion of an omnipotent and omniscient father figure, but I will never say that such principle is a myth. The universe — vast beyond our comprehension — has a story. We may never learn the lines, but we can read between them.

~ by Benji on August 3, 2015.

One Response to “It’s a Mistake to Call Me an Atheist”

  1. I absolutely agree with you and feel the same way. It seems so hard to explain to people, though. “I believe in God” sounds like a kind of fixture. God is a fixture (the father figure sitting up in the sky, sometimes kind, sometimes mad) and your belief is, both unshakeable and no room for “grey areas.” So if you ask questions or express doubt… Well, you are an unbeliever, simple as that! I wish it was so simple, but nothing ever is…
    Very well put indeed, Benji.

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