What the Unitarian Universalist Church of Rockford Means To Me

I went to church this morning, early, hoping I could help with coffee or setup, expecting to feel moved to make my week a little better, to sing some songs (which I dread doing; no offense to the music directors or the choir, just not a thing I’m good at) and to hear some words and share some time with people who make me want to a better person. 
I was mistaken. 
My reverend delivered the most powerful sermon I’ve heard since I’ve attended this church. He spoke about racism in the USA, how he and others shed tears when the Supreme Court announced that I — and anyone else LGBT — can now marry anywhere. He mentioned the recently passed father of one of my closest friends and father to another man I consider a good friend (not by name — I didn’t and would never share that information.)

But his primary message was related to the Fourth of July, how we celebrate men (always men) who themselves owned slaves, how racial discrimination and — let’s be frank  — have been part of the bedrock of our nation since even its hypothetical origin. He asked us, as people of faith and conscience, what will *you* do? To end employment, housing, lending insurance discrimination? As an individual who may have the privilege of being a white cis-male, what will you do? (I am, and though homosexual enjoy the privilege those bring). 

The church was silent. “What will you do?” That’s not a question your head can answer. It’s a question for the heart. My heart can only answer in one way: “In whatever way I can help.”


~ by Benji on 5 July 2015.

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