World Cup Nomenclature

It bothers me that we designate this year’s World Cup as the “Women’s World Cup,” though in 2018, I highly doubt that the competition will be designated the “Men’s World Cup.” Perhaps it should be. Instead, it will just be the “World Cup,” implicitly relegating the women’s game to a lesser level than the men’s, though the competition is every bit as good (and often better) on the women’s side. So why can’t we just call Canada 2015 the “World Cup” (which it is)? Any football fan will immediately recognize that the women’s Cup occurs quadrennially in odd-numbered years and the men’s in even-numbered years (U.S. fans can even keep track by remembering that the women’s Cup is one year before a presidential election each time, and the men’s at the midterm year). Take note, ESPN and other content providers — because they have breasts doesn’t make them lesser footballers.


~ by Benji on 17 June 2015.

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