Love Generates Love

Thanks to @StarsofLaria (twitter) for the title @ (@nomadiclance on instagram) — this is my personal brand of faith, one in which love overwhelms cynicism by virtue of actually caring for each other. What led me to faith back from a stint with atheism was the belief that we exist for a reason and that there is some purpose behind that, even if we are incapable of ascertaining its or their purpose (we are not). Were it not for discovering that, I would not be alive today. I don’t know what or who the deity or deistic principle may be, but what I do believe is this: we are all part of something greater, that our lives likely end when we do, but our essence becomes part of this earth and this universe. Is that idealistic nonsense? Perhaps. I have to believe I serve a greater cause than I, otherwise my life has meant nothing.

I’m a rationalist and a student of philosophy; I don’t believe in the afterlife, yet were I to abandon my faith in some form of continuance, I couldn’t continue. Love is what brings us together, gay, straight, trans, bi, questioning, black, white, Latino, Asian, whatever. I thank Lance for sharing what must be an essential truth for us all — “Love generates love.” This is a truth I will keep and try to practice as best I can.


~ by Benji on 3 June 2015.

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