Fashion Choices

I typically dress most pretty humbly, just jeans a t-shirt and the red converse I’ve made my signature (don’t forget the purple, the green or the bark blue with orange laces though), probably at least a few Arsenal F.C. shirts each week (I only own four of them; five, if you count the polo, depending on how you count a light spring and autumn jacket, potentially more. But who’s counting? you all know I have an obsession) with my red shoes some close-fitting jeans (I wear US waist 28″, which is also 28″ UK apparently — I just checked — but 68/72 Europe). On Sundays where I’d be headed in not so many hours were I not still ill, I wear a colored shirt and well-matching tie and usually khakis of one kind or another, though depending on the service or the occasion, I go in black.

Just as an aside (hi someday boyfriend!), my ties are extremely important to me, and I try to make sure I have not just the right one, not just the fitting one, but the *perfect* one for each occasion.

Know what I really want though (aside from than to look like Olivier Giroud? =P)? And don’t laugh at me toohard when I write this — I’d love to wear some of the male outfits from Game of Thrones — Lord Baelish’s (Littlefinger) are probably the ones I see with my dry cleaning and squeee! a little bit. I’m the kind of person who would not be afraid to wear that in public, but there’s a long way to go before that ever comes back (if indeed it truly ever was). I would also need a lot more money than I currently possess, but hey, it’s something to aspire toward, no? We all need that in some aspect of life.


~ by Benji on 10 May 2015.

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