My Theology (Explained)

As many of you are well aware, I was raised Baptist and am currently a member of a wonderful, open and caring Unitarian church and faith community. It took me a while to get there, where I feel so loved and appreciated for what I bring to the table, rather than condemned for what I lack. At my church, the fact that I’m queer is embraced, not condemned. Not to demonize all Baptists, however; there are so many wonderful people of that denomination (quite a few near and dear to me) and including my personal hero and inspiration, a certain Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., of whom you may have heard. I called myself an atheist in my early teens, then an agnostic. To be intellectually honest, I still am an agnostic, as I don’t claim to know anything of the nature of a potential deity or deities; I don’t think such knowledge is possible for our limited mortal primate brains.

What I do believe, though is that the universe has a purpose; that the universes have purposes, as it’s my belief that there are infinite universes. Where every past, present and future can and do happen; every moment in your (and my life) occur differently somewhere else. “Somewhere” is even just a shortcut, as humans cannot even begin to comprehend the tremendous magnitude of all there is. That’s the mind of what we, in our limited capacity, call “god.”

The divine is something we cannot and will never understand. It is beyond us. But that doesn’t leave us alone, navigating in the dark, as it were. We are all, each of us, from Pope Francis even to Dzhohkar Tsarnaev part of the divine; that’s not to say that we are each divine in any way — we are mortal, fragile beings, and when we die, we die. There’s no hell, no heaven, no afterlife; we’re organic beings, and when it ends, it ends. We return to this planet from which we arose. That is not something to mourn; all things, all that exists returns to the source of all existence; the mind of “god” contains us all.

The divine not just contains the whole, but is the totality; no one is beyond redemption. We are all passengers.

~ by Benji on May 7, 2015.

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