The “Choice” Is Bigotry, IN and AR

So let’s get some things straight (no pun intended): Indiana and Arkansas legislators are not meek and pietistic God-fearing Christians trying to codify their faith into state law – they’re politicians eyeing bigger offices and knowing that the religious right has deep pockets into which its members will dip. These politicians — proof of survival of the fittest and nature red, tooth and claw, in case freshman biology wasn’t enough — will do whatever it takes to stoke the fears of hell and Satan among Christian conservatives if it will garner cash and votes. Sadly, in 2015 America, cash often equals votes, but I digress.

I’ve had this argument — akin to “arguing” that I chose to have a German-Norwegian heritage or selected my blue eyes since the blue-eyed lifestyle is cool these days — countless times. Whether or not you believe that being LGBT is a choice (because it’s so much fun to be discriminated against, told you’re going to hell to burn for eternity because of the person you love, can be fired on that basis with no legal recourse, etc.), it’s incontrovertible that one’s religious beliefs are, in fact, a choice. The manner in which one interprets prescribed beliefs within a given faith tradition is a choice. The manner in which one chooses to represent a given faith tradition is a choice. Discrimination against individuals who *are* — like it or not — born who they are is a conscious choice, and enacting or supporting legislation codifying that is a choice.

If you want to proselytize, open a church. If the sign on your door says “open,” it needs to be open to all wishing to do business with you. And hint? That population will shrink very quickly once it’s known you actively practice bigotry.


~ by Benji on 1 April 2015.

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