The Bright Side of Pence-gate

And there is a bright side, I swear. No matter how much Indiana seems to like the 1980s, when it was all the rage to demonize LGBT people (to the extent that the B and T were even recognized at all), Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN), in signing and defending his state’s pro-discrimination bill has made it unambiguously clear that it’s no longer okay to deny service to an individual on the basis of sexual orientation. Granted, this should have been obvious decades ago, but Pence’s half-assed defence of a blatantly discriminatory bill only serves to underscore the fact that LGBT Americans are entitled to the same legal protections as “straight” Americans. I fully support every boycott of Indiana businesses, the vast majority of which have the common sense not to exclude customers on something over which they have no control. —not out of an animus toward those businesses, but rather in support of LGBT equality and against the Indiana approach to bigotry.

~ by Benji on March 31, 2015.

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