Old Habits, or, A Bookseller Again (For a Day)

I spent this morning (and part of the afternoon) volunteering at the UU’s annual “Trash or Treasure rummage sale, which seemed to be quite successful when I left. Personally, it was a rousing success — ten books, including Lawrence Durrell’s Alexandria Quartet, Peter Carey’s Oscar and Lucinda, and Steinbeck’s East of Eden,each in mint condition and each for $0.50 (!). I also snagged this gem, which, while not beautiful per se,for $30 will more than adequately fill the chair-shaped hole in my heart and my reading haven (the cat did not come with the chair):

unnamed (1)

Best, however, was that I found myself where I feel most at home — selling books! Even though it’s been more than four years since I hung up my bookseller boots, it was as if it hadn’t even been four hours. I found myself wandering the haphazardly arranged tables, straightening and organizing as best I could. I had to catch myself from asking potential customers if I could help them find anything (good luck with that — it’s a rummage sale), and at the front desk asking them if they found everything they were looking for and if they would like a bag with their purchase. My instinct was to grab a bookmark to insert into every book, though, of course, there weren’t any. One would think this reflexive inner reminder not to forget the bookmark would either have dissipated after these years or at least would after a few sales, but no — when my shift was over, I still was scanning the table looking for the stack.

~ by Benji on March 27, 2015.

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