Eep! My First Menu


Arugula, blood orange, goat cheese 8

Steamed lentil, fennel, red papsicum, chanterelle, dill 10

Poached egg, gojuchang, leek in a pork broth 9

Smoked trout on rye with cream cheese, tarragon, pistachios 9


Tandoori Leg of lamb over arugula, ramps, garlic in a soy sauce-Pinot reduction 26

“Naked” Croque Madame with ostrich egg, on fresh sourdough and fresh Gruyére 20

Ramen with fresh eel, scallions, peanuts 20

  1. oz. ribeye, cooked to order 26 (mushrooms, bleu sauce available, 3 each)

Cage-free chicken cordon bleu, guanciale, Jarlsberg, 20

Portabella, basil, peppercorn with fettucine in a creme and shaved Parmesan sauce 21

Broccoli Rabe, Shitake, Tomato, Cucumber, Romaine with Red Wine vinaigrette 17


Mango gelée with fresh strawberries 6

Red velvet cookies and creme 6

Peach cobbler 5

Chocolate pie (it exists) 6

~ by Benji on February 5, 2015.

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