Here’s How to Beat Islamist, Fundamentalist Violence of Any Kind

I am a single, Caucasian 29-year old who’s proudly gay, feminist, pacifist, literate, democratic Socialist who’s not afraid of you, not afraid of what you might have in mind. Because I know in my heart and mind, nothing you can do can stop the inevitable march toward equality and respect for the rights of all peoples and individuals. You’d hang me or shoot me at the first opportunity, I’m sure, but if so? As Luther said, “Here I stand. I can do no other.” Come and get me.

You are weak. You claim to speak for Allah or for Jesus, but in reality? You speak out of self-interest. As a person of faith, I want you to know that you demean the umma or your community. Let us as sisters and brothers, seek faith together and united, according to our own understanding of that word’s definition. I am not Muslim, but I know well that what you’ve done does not represent any person who looks toward Mecca. Yours is a distorted parody of the Prophet and Allah. The same goes to anyone from any faith who attempts to ignore the teachings and writings of their proclaimed leaders and consider violence a means to an end.

…It may be a silly TV show, but Jack’s line from LOST will always resonate with me: “We live together, or we die alone.”

~ by Benji on January 9, 2015.

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