Things That Made Me Smile in 2014

dear friend Emma’s end-of-year list, for your reading pleasure

Petchary's Blog

A dear online friend posted things that made him smile on his blog today. I thought I would steal his idea (I hope you don’t mind, Benji), although I did claim to dislike “year-end lists.” This is just, really, noting for myself the things I enjoyed this year – which now has less than twelve hours to go in Jamaica. Family comes first but after that, no particular order.

  •  My husband: Ridiculous jokes, discussing news stories, drinking coffee, watching re-runs of old sitcoms – and so much more
  • Our son: Took his life by the scruff of its neck in 2014 and made it all work. So proud of him!
  • Our first grandson: Who arrived in a very small bundle just four months ago and is already plump, smiling, round-eyed.  Welcome to the world, Marley Lewis!
  • Another beautiful little boy: Our grand-nephew Theo arrived in early 2014 and is thriving…

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~ by Benji on December 31, 2014.

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