Generation (Apparent) Gap

The United States’ long-overdue rapprochement with Cuba — aided by the pope, no less — should come as no surprise. Long overdue, I say, because the 54-year long embargo has accomplished absolutely nothing. The Castros are still in power, Cuba is still funded by Russia, and Wall Street CEOs still smoke Cuban cigars. Plus ça change, no?

What’s striking, however, is a conversation I had with my father yesterday; he expressed a view — common among his cohort, he stated — that views Cuba as still a threat. Cuba is dangerous “because the communists own the island” and “have missiles aimed at America.” I found this interesting, as the Cuban missile crisis is 50+ years old and communism as a political philosophy has long been dead internationally. He expounded to claim that the United States has a weak military and Obama is — to quote — “a pussy.” Cuba has no missiles aimed at the US and Obama is as militaristic as his predecessors. Cuba is a haven for creativity, an island where the mind and spirit travel to traverse great heights. It should have long been open to Americans and America to Cubans.

~ by Benji on December 18, 2014.

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