My Own Brief Response to Depression

“It’s like being a prisoner and the jailer both.” — Depression For Those Who’ve Never Been Depressed:…/50-sufferers-describe-depressi…/ Tom Matlack Goodmenproject

I agree with the vast majority of these. I would add my own:

“Depression renders the word happiness a risible joke, a mockery of you, who have known no such thing for longer than you can remember, if, indeed, you ever once knew it. It makes being ‘okay’ the best you can hope for, if, indeed, ‘hope’ and ‘okay’ are still words that resonate with you. It makes ‘contentment’ a Sisyphean task, sleep both an achievement and a day’s pinnacle, for then the world goes away for some precious hours. It’s insidious most in its self-reinforcement; the avenues which could help one escape its inky void are the first ones against which one turns away — phone calls, texts, emails, tweets et al go unanswered or unread. Appointments are avoided. The universe recedes into a single point, and that point is not even a point; rather, the terrifying absence of one, the lodestar for which you’ve sought having long collapsed into an all-devouring void capable of draining light from even the most magnificent of stars.”

~ by Benji on December 7, 2014.

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