Consistency Can be a Real Bitch

I’m really fed up with the term “pro-life;” — individuals I know, devout and church-going, fag-hating, dues-paying Republicans who reacted upon my — extremely difficult and belated — coming out by telling me that they were sorry for me and to seek Jesus to cure my of my obvious mental affliction. …and that I’m going to hell, proudly proclaim their “pro-life” credentials. Why, they say, we oppose abortion in all circumstances including rape and incest.

Yet, suggest that the death penalty be abolished, well that, mesdames and sirs — that is anathema. “Those fuckers deserve to die in the most painfully manner possible. Muslims? They’re terrorists, all of them. Kill ’em. War? Bring it. Bomb those ISIS asses in Syria and Iraq? Not enough; bring in the Marines and smoke ’em out.”

So life — is it really important to you, or is it just about keeping women in their (rightfully, according to your ideology) place? Hiding your latent racism under a thinly-veiled coat of national-security platitudes?

If *life* were the matter at hand, you’d be anti-death penalty, pacifist activists. Why is that hard?


The above is not to suggest in any means the attitude of the American people as a whole or of those individuals I know reflect those views; they do, however, accurately evoke conversations I’ve had with individuals close and related to me. I in no means endorse any opinion expressed above, aside from my personal pacifism, my endless fight for universal equality among human beings and the need to abolish worldwide the death penalty. Those will not change.

~ by Benji on September 4, 2014.

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