An (unironic) Paean to Twitter

Thank you Twitter. This is not sarcasm. I joined you in 2009 amid Iran’s abortive Green Revolution to follow events and support the would-be revolutionaries in any way I, a Boston-based American could. That didn’t work, though globally you’ve made a difference. For me, my thanks is due to the influence you’ve had on my writing. Your format is such that instant wit is a necessity to survive among the ravenous pack waiting to devour each misspelling, each slip of grammar. I’ve become sharper as a writer, more careful of what I make public because of you; the rapid-fire nature of Twitter has honed my skills as a writer, and for the better, I believe. While I remain (and always will be) an advocate and practitioner of long-form journalism, fiction and poetry, thinking and writing on the fly has only enhanced my skills, such as they are, at the former. For that, I thank you.

This is not a valedictory, friends. @destroy_time isn’t going anywhere; just a reflection on a platform that has indubitably made me a better writer these past several years, and more importantly, introduced me to a host of friends I hope to count as friends forty years hence.


~ by Benji on 4 September 2014.

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