“Just bugs”

a dragonfly entrances us,
silver wings beating against time
getting in the way perhaps
of what could have been a perfect cast.

now, bumblebees — there’s a species;
purveyor of sweet things,
christian things! — and we value those here.
perspicacity, industriousness!
Now that’s what makes America.
and jesus! don’t forget him;
just another american to die for a lie.

what about mosquitoes?
sure, they hum and bite
leave welts that look like my old acne
something to be rid off

or how about the humble black fly?
okay, okay, they carry malaria
but there’s a certain elegance,
a persistence
to their resistance to death,
their unwillingness to sit still,
to accept the imminence of their pendant fate
looming over that black shell
like a sword hung once over someone famous
and once again

yet that little motherfucker won’t die.

~ by Benji on August 30, 2014.

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