Nostalgia Revisited

Final Fantasy extremely difficult to get items: number one shouldn’t surprise any long-time fan of the franchise. i’ve played this game (way back on snes when it came out) seven or eight times, and i’ve seen one pink tail drop. it was orgasmic, right there with doing all the work it took to get mimic materia and Knights of the Round, leveling to 99 to finally beat emerald weapon. i took a break from gaming from about 1998 to 2007, due to high school and then college coursework and activities, so after finally getting a ps2 and ps3, i’m catching up on that lost decade, but ffiv, ffvi (my all-time favorite game) and ffvii remain my favorite games ever.

i’ve been a game since about age six or so, when the NES entered my world, and a rabid one when i’ve played (it’s been seven years now that I’ve played WoW, from beginning BC to now end-stage MoP, though I think those days are over, unless WoD blows people away… loved WoTLK, my favorite expansion, even though they nerfed the difficulty, which was a major factor in sticking with BC at the time. But MoP is just awful — way too easy, way too cheesy, completely out of line with lore. Part of WoTLK’s appeal was its major — even key role — in Warcraft lore, and managed throughout the game so well. Plus the addition of Wintergrasp was riveting, along with so many good quests. I’ll consider picking up WoD, but only after other Warcraftians and reviewers pass judgment.

As far as Final Fantasy goes, I’m strongly considering checking out 14:A Realm Reborn; I don’t really have time to immerse myself completely in another MMO, but the reviews of the reboot have mostly been glowing, and since playing the original Final Fantasy I (still among the most difficult, often frustrating games I’ve ever played, yet one I played again just last fall, though on the vastly improved PSP version), it’s been my favorite game series by far. I still cry at “Forever Rachel” and Aeris’s death. The FFIV boss theme (the best ever in an FF) is what plays if you call me.

~ by Benji on July 6, 2014.

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