had an interesting conversation with my parents this evening regarding what defines a “signature” look, what apparel, accessories, accoutrements and etc. my answer is a blazer (usually black, not always, worn even in summer heat — this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you who’ve known me long), red converse (low tops), occasionally a tie, my tattoos and my piercings (each of which is multiple, and, at least in the case of the tattoos, likely to multiply). Glasses too, I suppose, since I’ve worn them for twenty-five years now. (I’m twenty-nine, so do the math). Skinny jeans as well — always jeans, never shorts. A belt, but never a leather one. A rope-cord bracelet on the left above a watch (leather cord, never metal) Jordan Johnston and Chelsey Taylor purchased for me Christmas before last.

I keep my hair close, preferring the Giroud look — cropped on the sides and back, longer on the top. Facial hair, yes, but trimmed very close — to the point where to call it a “beard” would be grossly inaccurate. I’m not an attractive person, but I do try to maintain a “signature” style, one that is unmistakably “Benji,” one that stands out. I don’t know if I succeed, but I try.

~ by Benji on July 4, 2014.

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