Cheese and Wine

Dear jesús mío
Dear Christ
What the fuck
Let me

I thought I’d
But then
What about
Then the

There are no
I don’t
Señor it’s just this
But then

I can’t, but yet
I have to, don’t I?

If I don’t,
I can, can’t I?
But if not,
Well what then?
There can only be one option
I tried that option
So then
I am made of flesh
And bone, fragile
An animal like other animals
Delicate, perishable
Like a good cheese
A poor analogy, you ask?
Not so;
Subject to decay, to disease,
Yet best enjoyed when ripe,
Aged, yes, but not too aged.
Life is best lived when ripe,
Like a fine wine,
Or the cheese that goes with it.

~ by Benji on July 4, 2014.

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