A Bird In Flight, Merely Passing

You, my love who were not there
When all I needed was you.
Love that I couldn’t then love.
I wanted to, but

I still taste your lips
Feel your hands on this cruel body.

You were my first,
When I still believed
Loving someone like you
Made me fallen, disgraced
When touching you is anything but.
A grace.

Were I back there, then,
I’d tell you I love you,
That you give me joy.

But dear one, I’m not
Nor are you.
You and I may never again cross paths
If that is to be the case
Know this:
Our brief time together
(Wish it had been longer)
I shall cherish for all my given days.

Love is a gift not given lightly.
To have experienced it once,
I doubt ever again,
Is a bird escaping into the blue.


~ by Benji on 4 July 2014.

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