Equality *Does* Matter, Mr. Rauner

Over a year ago, Illinois’ conservative Republican senator Mark Kirk became the second sitting Republican senator to support marriage equality. Fast forward to the present, and Republican gubernatorial nominee (and fellow alumnus and donor to my alma mater, which has no bearing upon this or any other Rauner-related posts), says he would have vetoed the bill that now ensures marriage equality between loving and committed couples everywhere in Illinois. Senator Kirk, with whom I disagree on most issues, had the courage to stand up to his party and stand on the right and winning side of history. That Bruce Rauner is unwilling to go as far as his conservative compatriot is telling; of the man, of his alleged values, of his party, and a further reminder that if equality is to continue to matter in Illinois, a vote against Bruce Rauner is the only way to go. #Quinn2014

~ by Benji on June 29, 2014.

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