The Minimum Wage Debate

Is simple. It’s easily resolvable. I write this as someone who’s made under $10 USD/hr most of his life.

The argument against a higher minimum wage (not even going to entertain those opposing any minimum wage; that debate is over and done, and you lost. Decisively) boils down to an economic debate between Keynesians and Friedmanites. Both men are now long reduced to fertilizer. What it comes down to for people to whom a minimum wage actually means the difference between paying my rent or my auto insurance, or, say, my child’s hospital bill and tomorrow’s dinner, it matters. No, those aren’t exaggerations.

We live in an America where if you have, you have, and if you don’t, too bad. A minimum wage of at least the $10.10 USD President Obama has proposed shouldn’t even be a question in a supposedly prosperous state like the United States claims to be. It’s simple; raise the minimum wage to at least the 30% baseline of American income, and require states and municipalities to adjust according to cost-of-living standards. Fund it federally. The return-on-investment alone would more than pay for it. Trust me, if I made an extra three dollars or so per hour, I would not be sending them to the Cayman Islands. Which, by the way, are the millions (billions?) of money lost from those who don’t need to worry about an hourly wage are destined, as an hourly wage means nothing to them.

That extra few dollars — just a few, y’all — an hour goes to thing like groceries, gasoline, medical care, clothing, rent… things that promote economic growth. That *create* jobs and spread broader prosperity, while growing the tax base. In other words, a smart investment; something which the “investor class” doesn’t seem to grasp.

Of course, we’re run by a Congress of whom more than half are millionaires, so why would they care?


~ by Benji on 19 June 2014.

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