Life Is Weird

Life Is. Sometimes random shit just happens. I recently started attending #Unitarian #Universalist services here and randomly met up with a high school friend I hadn’t seen in a decade. In the past months, I discovered a spirituality I didn’t previously acknowledge. I reaffirmed my progressive politics and strengthened my support of the Illinois #LGBT community. I reached out to friends met in college, high school, through friends, through twitter mates, through football mates. 

I skipped out on dates with people I shouldn’t have. I binged and purged when I shouldn’t have. I watched TV when I should have been working. Life is weird.

So yes, life works in often bizarre fashions. Today, life has brought me a title to my forthcoming short story collection (once I find a publisher, that is =P). Hope you like it: “Death And Other Ways Of Living.” Now just to write the stories… =D

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