Blair’s Editorial

(originally a response to a friend who countered my “Blair: FUCK YOU” post on another social media outlet by responding that the former Prime Minister did raise a valid point. I conceded my friend’s point but responded thusly:)

i agree with you broadly *name redacted*, but for a key perpetrator (some would say lapdog) of the criminal and criminally inept enterprise that was the iraq war, blair is really not the right individual to lay out an historically nuanced view of the region in its post-ottoman phase. i take issue not specifically with many of mr. blair’s views (some, as you mentioned, are quite valid), but with the spokesperson; as one who at the barest minimum played a key contributing role in “causing this,” one doesn’t really have the right to say “oh yeah? that? nah, i didn’t have anything to do with that.” blair is correct in claiming that the bush-blair disaster isn’t *alone* in contributing to what is currently developing in iraq, but nor is he innocent of any wrongdoing; in lawyerly terms, no we haven’t *caused* this, but the US-UK-led disaster played and is playing a major role in the ongoing turmoil.

to use an apt (i think) analogy, blair is the gent who dropped the cigarette that ignited the forest fire that killed fifty people and destroyed an entire town… just in blair’s case, his cigarette killed hundreds of thousands and destroyed an entire country.

~ by Benji on June 16, 2014.

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