Football happens

I’m not entirely sure that non-football fans understand how life-disrupting the World Cup is. It’s the fucking. World. Cup. The one time I can ignore all the stupid shit that my country does on a routine basis and just linger on Ian Darke losing whatever faux hair he may have had. I’m a die-hard-enough Gunner to get a cannon fucking tattooed on my bloody arm, but come the World Cup, you Brits and your hand of clod can go to bloody hell (though we’ll take the hand of clod, please and thank you). So on the eve of World Cup 2014, I’ll just quote Darke: “Oh can you believe this?!? Go Go USA!!!”

On a more relevant note, read Dave Zirin and Eduardo Galeano on the toll of the World Cup (couldn’t find an IndieBound link for Galeano).

~ by Benji on June 12, 2014.

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