Wait… FOX “News” is Too Gay? What?

You really can’t make this shit up — a Naperville, Ill.-based fringe anti-equality group, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, released a report almost a year ago alleging that FOX News, of all organizations, is guilty of a “growing pro-homosexual bias” and calling the conservative propaganda outlet “unfair, unbalanced and afraid.” The lengthy article, chock-full of the usual tired tropes (marriage has always been one man, one woman, gay equality equals persecution of Christians somehow, but but but… liberty! etc.), even refers to “the growing (and sometimes radical) pro-homosexual bias of Fox News personalities like Megyn Kelly and Bernie Goldberg.” Say wha???

Thankfully AFTAH is there to protect our impressionable youth from horrifically traumatic moments like this (their caption):

“It’s normal and natural to be repulsed by homosexual behavior, like this public kiss between homosexual NFL draftee Michael Sam (left) and his boyfriend. AFTAH will block homosexual kisses because they are indecent and teach impressionable youth that perversion is OK.”

That’s right. FOX News. Not conservative enough. If this is the apocalypse, pass me the popcorn and sequins!

Addendum: The AFTAH website also carries the helpful disclaimer in the upper right-hand corner of its home page announcing “CAUTION: This website contains material not suitable for children,” cause, you know, the scary gayz are coming for them and something… something…

~ by Benji on June 7, 2014.

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