My Morning

…involved an al fresco “Blessing of the Animals” ceremony at my Unitarian Universalist church, thus involving pups and kittehs galore… thus involving clouds of pet hair. I would have taken Ariel, but settled for a picture, as she is most definitely *not* an outdoor cat. If you’re dying to see her, check out my Instagram (as about 70% of the photos I’ve posted involve either Ari or her dearly departed brother, Clark Gable). Best of all, I unexpectedly encountered a dear friend with whom I’ve kept in touch twenty-first century style (i.e. Facebook mostly), but hadn’t actually seen face-to-face since high school graduation in 2003, I think. She and her husband are preparing to move to a South American country in a few weeks to teach high school for two years, and she’s back in town here visiting her parents and tying up loose ends before heading south. 

In sum, a perfectly pleasant way to begin the week and Pride Month; thunderstorms are headed our way and Game of Thrones is back tonight. I have not a single complaint. =D

~ by Benji on June 1, 2014.

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