Things I could not live without (a constructive list)

  1. Water (of course), cheese (note: not “food”), erm… facilities, sleep (aha! – I could do quite well without sleep, thank… even, upon consideration, better than at present; physiologically, however, it seems that I can’t. So we’ll add it to the list), Gravity’s RainbowBreaking Bad, Unagi Maki, Prokofiev’s Sonata No.. 1 for Violin and Piano, that single moment when the leaves pronounce gold and rose and you *know* that summer has faded into fall, grilled eggplant, a game-winning three at the buzzer, a top far post game-winning screamer, a win at the polls, Ada, or ArdorWaldenThe Dialectic of Enlightenment, libraries, friends, bookshelves, hell, books, newspapers, fellow journalists, Taxi DriverNetworkFinal Fantasy VII, Wi-Fi, my iPhone, C.B. and A.S (they’ll know who they are; anyone reading this either will as well or doesn’t need to), Arsenal F.C., my tattoos (see the former), my piercings, my sister, my parents, my bowties, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Mesut Özil (I’ve already agreed to let a certain Jamaican writer of repute rights to a striking French striker who I won’t name but won’t be hard to guess if I can claim a certain attacking German midfielder =P), and, of course, my Twitter mates (I refuse to use the term “Tweeps,” as it an assault upon the sanctity of the English language… or any language.). Oh let’s see, cut off both arms before depriving me of The New Yorker, The LRB, The LARB, The TLS, Scientific American… House, Wikipedia… I think I’m done. No, wait, forgot Différence et Répétiition)
  2. quod erat demonstrandum.

~ by Benji on May 8, 2014.

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