A small ball lies near me

A spheroid thing

It’s alleged to glow in the dark

Yet only does when it hasn’t been in the light.


A curious object — 

I squeeze it because doctors tell me

I have too much stress.

A way of easing the load,

So they say.


Yet who would know what of a load,

Who have never loved?

Yet I look at the thing,

Neon green in its ordinariness,

Comfortably resting on my wine-stained carpet,

Nestled next to a Netflix return envelope

Not far from the worn edge of a desk,

Ill-used, yes, but functional,

A FIFA 14 box containing said Netflix DVD,

Not far from an unread TLS.


I think of Ozymandias.

Look on my works and despair.

Perhaps there is only despair. 

~ by Benji on May 8, 2014.

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