Let’s Talk About Sex

The concept of sex in the United States of America of 2013 is that 1) among adults, it’s not to be discussed outside of obliquely in sitcoms or in advertisements for erectile dysfunction, almost never regarding potential conditions afflicting women; 2) among youth, it is to be heavily promoted by entertainment while heavily denigrated by government and other public organizations; 3) active education about sexuality is highly unpopular and actively opposed by (some) states and public institutions; 4) gender preference is still somehow relevant to some of the above; and 5: sex is viewed as an indulgence on par with white chocolate, wine from the 90s and a ps4 for a five-year old.

The truth is that sex is natural, familiar, and routine; at least, it should be. Consensual, legal and safely practiced sex should be part of everyone’s daily *routine* — it shouldn’t matter what gender, what type, what position; as long as it meets those criteria, it’s healthy, normal, a workout (if yer doin it right =P), stress-relieving, and most of all, fun. There’s *nothing* wrong with that. Whatever you and your partner(s) do is okay and normal, just make sure you’re all okay with what you do, and do so legally and safely. And if you identify as queer or are even attracted to someone of your own gender? Find someone attracted to you; you’re not going to burn in hell for eternity just for doing what comes natural. And you’re attracted to both? You’re not a freak; just find someone attracted to you.

Attraction, consent, legality and safety: that’s all that matters.

~ by Benji on December 7, 2013.

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